Blog of Purristan

Jerome Steegmans – Guest Blogger

Astoria, Oregon

Jerome is a writer, an editor, an esotericist, a BRAND NEW FATHER!, an artist, a designer, a publisher and an oddball. He has toured the United States and Europe many times in rock and soul bands. He has worked as a journalist and served as an editor for literary journals and news magazines. He has worked with systemic dialogue practices and partnered with masters of organizational development to create interactive training programs for collaborative leadership. He and his lovely wife, Nicole, proudly serve Bartleby, a Felis-Catus originally of Brooklyn, NY, and together they live in the beautiful and weird town of Astoria, Oregon.


Kahn & Keville - a San Francisco Landmark

There are many historical landmarks in the City of San Francisco. One of these has been called the City's biggest fortune cookie. Human Jerome Steegmans explores this landmark, and who is behind it. Read more...

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