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Immanuel Kat – Staff Blogger

Meowpolis, Purristan

One of the great theorists of Purristan, Immanuel joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an advisor to the top officials and is responsible for modifying feline political theory so it may apply to humans.


That rascally radical Reactionary lurks behind the Conservative

In Western politics, there has been a curious shift in words. Some of these words may make little sense in context, though this is less of the problem I intend to address. The problem is one such shift has essentially eliminated another word. This elimination of a key term in political discourse needs to stop, and it, and its political opposite, need a revival. Read more...


Unfurling the Confederate Flag and the Confederate Battle Flag

An iconic symbol of the institution of slavery, racism, and the Southern United States is the Confederate Battle Flag. The conflation of the Confederate Flag with its battle flag variant is rampant, but these are two different things. Ignorance of this and related iconography allow symbols of the Confederacy to remain in use unchallenged. Read more...


The politics of judicial philosophies and the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the United States is the final arbitrator of law. Their president nominates its members and their Senate confirms those nominees. Often referenced in this process are phrases like "judicial activism" or philosophies such as "original intent" and "strict construction". Today, I will review what this court is, what these and other philosophies mean, and how political this court is. Read more...


What is the difference between a Socialist and Democrat?

Democratic Party chairperson Deborah Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) ignited a million meme's from her trouble finding an answer to the question, "What is the difference between a Socialist and Democrat?" This has not led to informed discussion or even debate - all it seems to have done is serve as fodder in social media. Read more...


Where are the American conservatives?

The conservative political philosophy is a great one, on par with its partner, the liberal political philosophy. One is not better than the other on every issue. Both can offer a needed worldview and the remarkable and innovative solutions that come with it. For Americans, however, the conservative seems absent from the debate of ideas. Read more...


Ignorance, Enlightenment, and a Thought Experiment

We often field questions about enlightenment. It is a lofty yet vague thing, with context being everything to any answer. One thing I can offer is a thought experiment - one used by Chairman Meow - which may illustrate what could help one achieve enlightened thinking and with it, a more just society. Read more...


The Supreme Court, Politics, and Voting

There is a case before the United States Supreme Court that highlights how nakedly political the institution can be. Today, I wish to introduce you to this case, and show how it is politics, rather than principals. Read more...


Where is the Revolution?

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) essentially tied with Hillary Clinton in Iowa, and blew her out in New Hampshire. His campaign not only uses the rhetoric of revolution, but also depends on it - massive turnout, especially from first time voters, irregular voters, and so on. Yet when compared to the Democratic race of 2008 or even the GOP today, where is his revolution? Read more...

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