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Pounce de León – Staff Blogger

Meowpolis, Purristan

As the Secretary of Human Relations, he serves as the Ministers' adjutant and may represent Purristani interests in lieu of the Minister. He oversees press releases, propaganda, and outreach.


A proposal to help Americans resolve their gun issue

Americans often talk about guns, and for good reason. I would like to propose a plan that can ensure their individual right to keep arms, while at the same time working to reduce the risks of injury or death resulting from said arms. This is a heavy task, being I am not an ideal advocate for anything regarding firearms, having come from a realm with no arms, literally, and no need for arms, generally. Read more...


Here in one blog post is the solution to everything*

The solution to everything must be qualified as being a solution to persistent political issues. Chiefly, this is a proposal that seeks to satisfy varying ideological aims, which includes ending poverty, reducing government, and balancing the budget. You know, easy stuff. Read more...


Is a Human Behind Purristan?

A regular question we get is who is behind Purristan, the "who" implied to be a human, as if somehow Purristan is not a real place. We try not to take offense, but given it is perhaps the most popular question, we today intend to set the record straight on it, and other common questions. Read more...


Some thoughts regarding the Assault Rifle

The assault rifle and assault-style rifles are politically divisive topics in the United States. Passions flare, especially as public officials consider further regulation of them. After my last firearm post, there was robust debate - and lots of insults. Inspired from that debate, I will today express my thoughts on this very specific firearm topic. Read more...


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The world-shaking franchise known as Star Wars returns to the Big Screen . Our Great Leader dispatched a representative of Purristan to the premier. His mission: infiltrate the event, view the film, and offer a (mostly) spoiler-free review. You are welcome. Read more...


The Republican Civil War

The Republican Party of the United States is suffering a split. The party is on the brink of nominating Donald J. Trump as the party candidate for president. His style and politics are anathema to many. Today I explore this dynamic. Read more...

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