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Minister Mistofolees – Staff Blogger

Meowpolis, Purristan

Former Field Marshal of the Armies of Purristan, he now leads the Ministry and appoints his staff. He personally represents the Chairman and Purristan at all temporal human diplomatic missions.


Free Trade is BullS#!t

Now let me tell you how I really feel! In the sport of boxing, they like announcing a prizefighter as the undisputed champion. If true the championship is undisputed, why are they fighting? Free trade is kind of like that. If it actually is free trade, why are there so many rules? Read more...


The Philippines need a makeover

In the Pacific is a group of islands known as the Philippines. They are home to a nation and a people of the same name. I love them, and as an admirer and friend, I must say there is quite a problem. It is time they change their name. Read more...


The How-To Guide for creating your very own Nation State

The Purristan utopia exists in another dimension, so it is unassailable by default. States like North Korea and quasi-states like ISIL have proven a thorn in the side to the world, but one starves while the other gets bombed all day. They have no protection. This guide shall provide you a map - yes you - to create your own unassailable state in your world, with broad influence on geopolitics. Read more...


The nuclear deal with Iran should receive your emphatic support

The human world has come to an agreement with Iran to check its nuclear program. This Ministry participated in this process, albeit behind the scenes. We are thrilled with the announced deal. However, some are not; chiefly, some leaders in Israel, monarchs in Saudi Arabia, and some American politicians and talking heads. Today we would like to review the deal and consider the objections. Read more...


The Syrian Crisis

For over four years, Syria has been embroiled in civil war. This seemingly endless conflict has led to humanitarian crises, war crimes, foreign intervention, and more, all with little signs of abatement. What is this conflict, and how can it be resolved? Read more...


The greatest issue facing humanity

There is an as issue every human knows about. Though it is life and death, it is not a very sexy one, as it moves with the speed of a turtle, in a world with the collective attention span of gnats. It also has very well financed naysayers, striving to prevent any action on it. The issue is global climate change. Read more...


Some Thoughts for Democratic Primary Voters

The campaign to win the Democratic nomination for President of the United States has been heating up for some time. A real battle has ensued, with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders capturing the passions of the progressive Left, while Hillary Clinton fights to retain her mantle as frontrunner. I have some thoughts on this, some of which Democratic primary voters may find worth considering. Read more...


The Democratic race is over

With her big wins on Tuesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has all but won the contest for her party nomination. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will hang on for his supporters, but otherwise, it is all over. Read more...

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