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Meowpolis, Purristan

Born Kats Meow, the Great Leader has studied, written, inspired, and otherwise mastered all known feline and human political, economic, and social theories, concepts, and philosophies. He has authored many great and influential masterpieces, including Another Theory of Justice, Mein Snuggle, and Das Katnip. He now intends to help you add to the collective wisdom of mankind via His inspirational presence.


Friendly Career Advice from me to you

The internet is abound with career advice. I have decided to jump on that gravy train with my own bit of friendly career advice. I can promise that my advice will guarantee you the great job and career you have been looking for! Read more...


The myth of Reverse Racism, and other things

There is a weird thing in human culture, commonly referred to as racism. The power of this is absolute, having substantive influence on almost everything. Odd, however, is a desire of some of those not subject to it, to claim victimhood of it. Unqualified as I am, I shall attempt to wrap the crown of thorns that is racism around my fuzzy little head. Read more...


Praise be the hustling economy

An economic world is developing where humans use apps to help connect their time or resources to others seeking them. On the surface, this seems like a fine thing. Under it, though, there may be a problem festering. Read more...


Donald J Trump and the Primary Process

For some reason, humans, including non-Americans, have asked what our thoughts are of Donald J. Trump, the candidate presently leading the polls in the 2016 Republican Party primary. Okay fine. Read more...


The Independent American Voter

After an election, who the independents voted for is often seen as the decisive factor. Who are these independents with such great influence in politics? Do they really exist? Read more...


Republicans, we need to talk

Donald J. Trump has been leading the polls for over one hundred days. A recent poll revealed that seven in ten Republican voters feel Donald Trump is their most electable candidate. Whom did they see as the second most electable? Ben Carson. Um... we need to talk. Read more...


How to Defeat Daesh

A number of things serve as impediments to humanity achieving enlightenment. An organisation like Daesh (ISIS) is the perfect representation of these impediments. To defeat Daesh, one need a long term and comprehensive plan. Read more...


The Senator from Texas

During the Republican Party primary to select their nominee for president of the United States, those getting the greatest amount of attention have been the likes of Donald J. Trump and Ben Carson. Nevertheless, the human poised to take this fight all the way is Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Read more...


Advertising as Punishment

Internet ads are everywhere. Not just an ad here or there, but rather, complete trash, bloating sites and crashing browsers. Mobile users pay to wait for streaming video ads to load. It is a nightmare and it must be defeated. Read more...


Republican Salvation

Both the Republican electorate and the party elite dread a Donald J. Trump nomination. Few are thrilled with their runner-up, Ted Cruz. Would the GOP convention find a way to nominate Paul Ryan? Today, for fun, we shall game this scenario out. Read more...

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