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Andrei Hedstrom – Guest Blogger

San Francisco, California

Andrei is an artist and a CEO of SweetRush, a boutique change management, performance improvement, training and gamification firm based in San Francisco. He has a passion for working at the intersections of change, creativity, community and sustainability. Andrei is an Persian Gulf War veteran, resident of a small rural town, husband and father and believes in the importance of a shift towards a value system that is aligned with life and living systems.


Our American Shadow

Today, with a historical and psychological perspective, a human guest writer examines the conditions of his country, principally that of Trumpism in the context of the Jungian Shadow. Read more...


Bigger than Hillary and Bernie

A guest human writer takes a step back to look at the bigger picture from the Left side of American politics: what is this all about, what does the electoral process reveal, and what is the fundamental change American progressives seek? Read more...


Togetherness not Sameness

Today our wonderfully prolific guest author explores unity among Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, and Independents, in what he calls Togetherness not Sameness. Read more...


Deplorables, Dispossessed, and Duty

A guest writer explores how the duty to achieve positive advances may largely fall to those who have the luxury of resources, safety, intellect, and awareness to change those conditions. Read more...


Thor's Hammer in Charlottesville

A guest writer mulls the significance of symbolism, in particular, those of meaning to him, seen in use by the abhorrent gathering in Charlottesville. Read more...

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