Blog of Purristan

Gary Leigh – Guest Blogger

Canberra, Australia

Gary is an Australian Army veteran and national security professional. He is also an avid researcher and writer on all things strategy, He writes frequently on matters of defence, international relations, security, and strategy. He also serves two cats, a Ragdoll called Schmip and a black barn cat called mitts.


A Primer on Regional Terrorism

What is terrorism, anyway? How can we look toward stamping it out? Can it even be done? This human guest writer, working in the field of regional terrorism, offers an attempt at helping us define this, and presents ways to consider approaching the topic. Read more...


Australia and diplomacy, more trouble than its worth?

Australia finds itself walking a fine line between the regional interests of its partners, China, the United States, Japan, and others. Efforts to assuage tensions with one lead to tensions with another. What does this look like and where do the efforts of maintaining this delicate balance leave Australia? Read more...

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