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Welcome to the Blog of Purristan

This is our first post on this blog. So, now that you are here – what is it? This post explains what this blog is about and why we made it. This post also covers what topics we may write about, introduces you to some of the writers, and explores other relevant points. Read more...


That rascally radical Reactionary lurks behind the Conservative

In Western politics, there has been a curious shift in words. Some of these words may make little sense in context, though this is less of the problem I intend to address. The problem is one such shift has essentially eliminated another word. This elimination of a key term in political discourse needs to stop, and it, and its political opposite, need a revival. Read more...


Free Trade is BullS#!t

Now let me tell you how I really feel! In the sport of boxing, they like announcing a prizefighter as the undisputed champion. If true the championship is undisputed, why are they fighting? Free trade is kind of like that. If it actually is free trade, why are there so many rules? Read more...


A proposal to help Americans resolve their gun issue

Americans often talk about guns, and for good reason. I would like to propose a plan that can ensure their individual right to keep arms, while at the same time working to reduce the risks of injury or death resulting from said arms. This is a heavy task, being I am not an ideal advocate for anything regarding firearms, having come from a realm with no arms, literally, and no need for arms, generally. Read more...


Friendly Career Advice from me to you

The internet is abound with career advice. I have decided to jump on that gravy train with my own bit of friendly career advice. I can promise that my advice will guarantee you the great job and career you have been looking for! Read more...


The Philippines need a makeover

In the Pacific is a group of islands known as the Philippines. They are home to a nation and a people of the same name. I love them, and as an admirer and friend, I must say there is quite a problem. It is time they change their name. Read more...


Here in one blog post is the solution to everything*

The solution to everything must be qualified as being a solution to persistent political issues. Chiefly, this is a proposal that seeks to satisfy varying ideological aims, which includes ending poverty, reducing government, and balancing the budget. You know, easy stuff. Read more...


Kahn & Keville - a San Francisco Landmark

There are many historical landmarks in the City of San Francisco. One of these has been called the City's biggest fortune cookie. Human Jerome Steegmans explores this landmark, and who is behind it. Read more...


The myth of Reverse Racism, and other things

There is a weird thing in human culture, commonly referred to as racism. The power of this is absolute, having substantive influence on almost everything. Odd, however, is a desire of some of those not subject to it, to claim victimhood of it. Unqualified as I am, I shall attempt to wrap the crown of thorns that is racism around my fuzzy little head. Read more...


The How-To Guide for creating your very own Nation State

The Purristan utopia exists in another dimension, so it is unassailable by default. States like North Korea and quasi-states like ISIL have proven a thorn in the side to the world, but one starves while the other gets bombed all day. They have no protection. This guide shall provide you a map - yes you - to create your own unassailable state in your world, with broad influence on geopolitics. Read more...

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