A Year of Purristan
A Year of Purristan

The return of Purristan occurred in 2015. Humanity has completed a year with Purristan in their midst. What has occurred this year, and what can we expect for 2016?

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Meowpolis, Purristan – Monday 4 January 2016

Our Great and Glorious leader, Chairman Meow, announced his plan to return to the human world in 2014. Thus began the machinations for the return of Purristan. Our Ministry launched its online presence in January of 2015, followed in June by the publication of our blog. Along the way, thousands of humans have joined our mailing list, expressing interest in our mission. Others have pledged allegiance to the Great Leader. It is true! It has all be very flattering.

The Pledge

"I do solemnly declare that I will be faithful and obedient to Purristan in all its forms and as far as it is consistent with my duty to my [president/sovereign] and to my country, and that I will do everything in my power to uphold its dignity and support its benevolent mission, endeavouring always to promote its aims and to conduct myself as a human of honour."

The Ministry Website

Our primary website, despite few promotional efforts and it being a static site, has recorded an average just shy of two hundred unique hits per day, from all around the world. We find this shocking. Obviously, some months are slower than others are, while also experiencing huge spikes that skew this metric. The greatest skews occur when a human of some social media influence shares the link. All those joining our list, or joining the Political Commissary Army, have done so through this site. For a static website lacking much promotion, this is a surprising level of sustained interest.

The Blog

This blog, which came about from humans demanding we have one, began in June. We have averaged around six posts per month, though most of our posts have been less than successful, and the blog over all performs far behind the Ministry website. This is curious, given the blog content changes and the Ministry site remains the same. Blog posts have also been the focus of our paid promotional efforts, where we run campaigns promoting selected postings, from time to time. Our most organically successful posts have been:

1] The Nuclear Deal with Iran Should Receive Your Emphatic Support
2] The Myth of Reverse Racism and Other Things
3] Friendly Career Advice From Me to You

The most successful promoted posts have been:

1] The Philippines Need a Makeover
2] Star Wars: The Force Awakens
3] Some Thoughts Regarding the Assault Rifle

What is interesting is that the first two of the organically successful posts far out-paced the most successful of the promoted posts. The "Some Thoughts Regarding the Assault Rifle" post fared poorly as a promoted post, but did enjoy a later spike, organically, once shared by popular humans antagonistic to the content.

Humans suggesting a blog argued committing to it would increase our social media footprint, and help us raise awareness. So far, this has not happened. Few visitors to the blog ever visit the Ministry website, and thus, because the Ministry website is home to explaining who we are and is also the place where conversions to our mailing list occur, it is rare for a blog visitor to learn more about us, or to ever sign up for our list.

Social Media

Starting at zero, our social media presence grew rapidly, early. Much of this early growth occurred after we hired a marketing firm to help promote us. Since that time, our growth has been modest. Paid efforts to promote our Twitter and Facebook page have failed to net any discernable gains, though at great cost. We lack general engagement from our social media presence, though we have tried to counter this. We find our failure here to be both frustrating and mystifying.

Project X

The original plan was to produce the Ministry website, hire a marketing firm to promote us, and then proceed to developing Project X. However, we found ourselves inundated with email inquiries, along with numerous suggestions, including building a blog, as well as adding a presence to other social media channels. We therefore committed to building the blog, answering every inquiry, and sending out far more bumper stickers than we ever imagined. Staff tries to find time to write posts and maintain an active social media presence on far more channels than originally considered. A result of distraction, our efforts to produce Project X have met delays, and once began; it has been a far slower endeavour.

We are making progress, though we missed our target date for rolling out a Beta version of Module 1. For 2016, we will focus less on promotions and blog content, and refocus efforts where they should be: Project X. Though we hope through promotions to find additional helpers, we cannot sustain interests if we do not deliver something. We cannot cease answering inquiries and sending out our stickers, however we hope we may reach a rollout point for Beta Module 1 later this year.

Expectations for 2016

Our 2016 focus is developing a Beta prototype of Module 1 of Project X. From here, our Beta team will help us iron out the details and reach a wide-release point for an audience in the United States. Our social media efforts will likely drop, as will our blog postings, unless more guest writers join in to replace us as active writers. We also expect our hit rate to drop, as we drop out of active promotions. We are willing to allow our presence to diminish, largely because we have done far better in 2015 than we initially expected. Owing to our blog being ineffective at raising awareness or leading to conversions, we do not mind freeing ourselves from editorialising. This is not to suggest we will cease writing; however, we will certainly write less.

If all goes well, the first elements of Project X will be up in 2016. Once that occurs, full engagement from our Beta team will begin. We can then expect our social media presence and promotional efforts to pick up again. We hope, in spite of a drop off for the first few months of the year, that we end 2016 in a position as strong as we have ended 2015. We will continue to rely on you, our friends and supporters, to continue promoting us, as well as submitting guest blog postings.

Thank you!

As said throughout, we remain shocked by the amount of interest we have received throughout 2015! Thank you! Your interest motivates us, and helps to ensure we achieve our goals. Your help and kind words makes all the difference. As always, please like, share, comment, and do anything else you feel can help us spread awareness and raise ever more interest. We look forward to meeting more humans in 2016, and helping bring enlightenment to the human world.

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