An Introduction for Project X
An Introduction for Project X

The time has come to introduce our objective regarding Project X. All of this is subject to change, and we remain open to suggestion. However, this overview offers insights into our goals and intent. At this early stage, your feedback is critical.

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Meowpolis, Purristan – Saturday 26 September 2015

This post is part of a series.

The Technology Office of the Bureau of Human Relations, within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Temporal Crossover Observer State of Purristan, has upon it a great task envisioned by His Imminence, Chairman Meow. The task is to help humanity achieve, among other things, political enlightenment, or at least something as close as practicable to it. Beyond initiating, or participating, in active foreign affairs, as well as general discussion on issues, the Great Leader has dictated a specific role for the foreign ministry in this endeavour. He laid out a base plan, of which we have spent the past several months defining, with active assistance from our human friends.

Through this deliberative process and consultation, we have decided that to affect His goal, the Technology Office shall develop an internet-based platform consisting of numerous tools for use by humanity, in the hope of helping humans achieve some measure of enlightenment. This office is now outlining some of what we plan to do in the coming months, and possibly years, determined by myriad of seen and unforeseen factors. The plan is presently codenamed "Project X", and split into four modules - each with a specific focus in areas of politics - the starting block for making a better world.

This series of posts presents a description for each module. We have received numerous suggestions from our BETA team and are including ideas inspired from these discussions with humans. This is something we expect to continue, and ask that our human friends continue offering their suggestions. Furthermore, various limitations in resources, principally talent, will likely compel compromises. Therefore, all modules, as described, are subject to changes either from resource limitations, further suggestions from humans, or general decrees from the Chairman.

The United States of America

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The Flag of the United States of America

Because the United States of America has such an influence on global politics, Project X is first to be developed for their political system, prior to expanding into other nations. Our present assessment is that we may convert most of this for other political systems, but will be limited toward those with Westminster-style or similarly constituted democratic governments. We already and will continue to include non-Americans in our discussion of ideas, and will look for effective ways to include them into the system itself once we achieve a point where we may begin active BETA testing.


Owing to the aforementioned combination of limited time and resources, we intend only to build modules individually, rolling them out independently, while eventually linking them together, expanding the scope of each previously released module. Furthermore, we have decided to begin in order, first with Module One, followed by Module Two, then Module Three, and lastly, Module Four.


We are open to any human with relevant skills who may be willing to assist in this endeavour. Some roles we seek include frontend web and graphic designers, web developers, those with marketing and promotional expertise, along with computer and political scientists. If this is you and you wish to serve your Glorious Leader, feel free to reach out at any time.


It is very likely this ministry will initiate a crowd-sourcing campaign via IndieGoGo or KickStarter, in the hopes of raising the capital needed to produce Project X. If done, the intended use of these funds shall be to hire human talent, and may allow us to develop quicker, possibly more than one module at a time, and expand to other nations sooner. Please note that at any time you may help in other ways, such as spreading awareness, or helping to maintain our early efforts, including this blog, by becoming a patron of Purristan.

The Project X Guide

The hope of our Guiding Light is to provide a safe, fun, and engaging platform where a human may engage in political matters with others, and in doing so, develop and grow their political interests and acumen. They may then join the legislature and learn the processes involved in constructing public policy, especially within divided government. If passing any proposals, we will send them to relevant, Real World legislators for their consideration. They may then actively choose to learn about issues in depth, and perhaps achieve greater insight into what it takes to run a campaign. Such efforts could lead to some possibly joining other Real World campaigns and causes active within the community. If motivated, and if having developed a base of local support within the political community, they may choose to seek a Real World public office, using tools developed by this office to help manage and operate their campaign.

If such humans win election, we expect to be helping to send humans into public office who are more representative of their respective populations. We hope they enter the vocation of governing with a greater understanding of their political values, along with having some exposure to the views of others, experiences with debate and compromise, as well as some knowledge of democratic governance and the art of constructing legislation.

After reviewing, please consider joining our BETA team and telling all those you can reach about the Enlightened Republic of Purristan and Project X. We listen to what humans have to say, and we are responsive to it. We have and continue actively to encourage ideas and suggestions from our human audience. We hope to succeed in producing Project X, and intend it to help humanity inch toward enlightenment. We are making this for you and we need your help. Begin learning more by reading over Module One, and go from there. Once done, kindly let us know your thoughts.

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