Introduction for Module Four of Project X
Introduction for Module Four of Project X

Module Four of Project X is planned to be a web based legislative forum.

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Meowpolis, Purristan – Saturday 26 September 2015

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The most enlightened citizen is the engaged and informed voter. Module Four intends to be a web based training platform, offering courses in a range of subjects that both educate voters on political and economic subjects, but also trains them in the art of the campaign. We expect Module Four to be an ongoing project, where we add and expand coursework progressively and indefinitely.

For those interested in campaigns in causes

Users of Module One may choose to take courses focused on critical needs of campaigns and causes. Such courses may include how to effectively communicate, or how best to engage in canvassing operations, or training in targeted fundraising, or how to organise a precinct. Completing coursework results in certification and a public distinction for the user. These users will become more attractive to campaigns as potential volunteers having some exposure to the various campaign functions of which they are certified.

As a general education resource

Other users may have little interest in active political work, but have a great interest in learning more about politics and other topics. These users may take coursework on topics of their choosing, from general course programmes, such as history and economics, to more in depth programmes covering specific topics in detail, such as early modern American history. Users earn certification upon completing programmes and receives public distinctions. This education may help users become better citizens, as well as better advocates of their views, and helps them become stronger critical thinkers. The objective is to help improve political discourse, the quality of public debates and related policy, and to progressively enlighten a greater share of the electorate.

For Campaign and Causes

Campaigns and causes using Module Three may, when engaging in outreach within Module One, seek to recruit local volunteers who have already taken and completed coursework in the various needs of their campaigns. Furthermore, users of Module One who choose to launch their own campaign will have the resources needed for comprehensive training prior to beginning their endeavour. Module Four also acts as a resource for campaign and causes to train new volunteers who are not within Module One. As volunteers come into a campaign, they may open the course programmes to these humans, without they first being members of the Project X political community found in Module One. This will help campaigns by allowing their limited staff to continue operations, without needing to dedicate time actively introducing rookie volunteers to the basics of a campaign need such as canvassing.

The basic needs of any campaign or cause are rather consistent. It matters little what the cause is, or who the candidate is, or what the party or ideology is - they all need volunteers making calls and hitting the streets. We hope Module Four will arm users with the exposure needed to be effective on their first day volunteering with any campaign or cause. If successful, we expect more voters will actively engage with candidates and causes sharing their interests.


The BETA pool will be the first users, and will help us in perfecting the algorithms, gamification, design, and environment. We will find ways to ensure non-Americans have a role in this that is useful, while helping to prepare for conversion to their nation. In the BETA phase and the early days of the public rollout, we expect the population to be sparse, especially in less populated regions. Regardless, these are some of the key elements of our plan for Module Four. What are your thoughts of this? Do you have suggestions?

Remember this module is part of a set of four modules. Having read about each module, please consider re-reading the Introduction.

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