Welcome to the Blog of Purristan
Welcome to the Blog of Purristan

This is our first post on this blog. So, now that you are here – what is it? This post explains what this blog is about and why we made it. This post also covers what topics we may write about, introduces you to some of the writers, and explores other relevant points.

Swirl paw

Meowpolis, Purristan – Tuesday 2 June 2015

Welcome to our blog! We may not know how it is you have found yourself here, but we are very happy to receive you. We are aiming to present to you articles that are interesting, amusing, or inspiring. We hope to potentially spur some debate, challenge some ideas, and offer our insights and opinions of politics, economics, culture, and the occasional random topic. We shall learn over time, from you, how best to develop and present this blog.

Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow – Editor-in-Chief

You are now familiar with Purristan

We do expect that our readers have already reviewed our main Ministry website. That website covers what Purristan is, and, among other things, why we are now engaging in human affairs. As you have learned, the long-term aim of our temporal return is to help humanity achieve political, economic, and cultural enlightenment, and thus something approximating a perfect society. Our plan to do this – code-named "Project X" – is a distinct programme. and this blog is not to be confused with it.

In the months since our return, various humans, via email and social media, have suggested we produce a blog. With our short-term goal of making as many humans aware of us as is practicable, we agree a blog could very well help us do that. We must note this blog is an addition to the Ministry website, is a production of that office, and relies on the same personnel. This means that our current staff is rather busy with other matters, and so our blog posts may come infrequently. Over time, as we and our audience grows, it is likely we may add additional staff specifically to assist with this new platform.

Minister Mistofolees
Minister Mistofolees – Staff Writer

Our articles will come from three different types of authors based on two classifications. The first type, and likely most common, is Ministry Staff. This first type also doubles as a classification. A paw icon near their name identifies these authors as Ministry staff. The other classification is Guest Authors, and within that, there are two types: felines who are not Ministry staff and humans who contribute articles to this blog. A person icon near their name identifies these authors as guests.

Contribute your own article our blog

Any feline or human may reach out to us if interested in contributing an article. We will contact this guest and a staff editor will review their submission. If a submission is appropriate, the editor posts it under the guest name to our blog. The submission topics can be almost anything, and its subject matter or opinions expressed need not be something the staff editor or Ministry agrees with. In fact, another guest or a staff author could post a rebuttal to the submitted article. Accepted guest submissions simply need to be interesting, well written, offers something new, perhaps a different perspective, and preferably makes a compelling point or argument. We will not accept submissions that are illicit, libelous, or otherwise objectionable. An editor will let an author know if there are needed changes or other others ways to make a submission acceptable.

Pounce de León
Pounce de León – Staff Writer

Because there are many websites out there dedicated to the "hot take" on the news cycle, our staff authors, for the most part, will concentrate on topics that, months after their posting, still feel relevant to the reader. As with guests, staff writers may write about almost any topic of their choice. It is therefore likely some will write about current events, but it is unlikely our articles will be immediate to the news cycle. Whether this changes over time is not predictable. Though noted indirectly, it is worth stating clearly that nothing written by staff officially reflect the views of the Ministry itself or Purristan; the Ministry will issue, in the form of press releases, such official statements.

Immanuel Kat
Immanuel Kat – Staff Writer

Regardless, staff authors, at this time, are not journalists, nor pundits, nor reporters. We are diplomats and other staff members of a foreign ministry expressing personal views on myriad of topics, and we are cats. We do hope our staff ultimately finds this a fun endeavour and welcome distraction from the day-to-day affairs here at the Ministry. Moreover, we are looking forward to posting engaging articles from our fellow citizens, and from humans who we hope one day to liberate from the chains of a flawed and demonstrably imperfect society.

We would love to add your thoughts to our blog

If you are a writer, kindly consider submitting an article. Also, please engage us via social media – like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube (and comment or like our videos), and connect with us on Google Plus. If interested, go ahead and sign up to join our BETA list via the Ministry website. While you are there, consider joining the Political Commissary Army! Your work as an evangelist will help us achieve our short-term aim of ensuring humanity is aware of us, critical because we need humans like you to help us build "Project X".

We hope you enjoy our blog. We appreciate comments, debate, and any other form of direct engagement. Of course, we will be thrilled if you share one or more of our posts, or even the blog itself. If a topic is particularly interesting to you, and you would like to hear our take on it, you may propose it via social media. Suggested topics and comments could motivate additional blogs posts. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your time, for visiting, and for your attention; and please check back often!

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