The unnecessary human division by groups
The unnecessary human division by groups

Humans have a long and rich history of needlessly dividing themselves into groups. Often based on the visually apparent, such as race and ethnicity. This is annoying - so much so, one cat cannot avoid ranting about it.

Swirl paw

Meowpolis, Purristan – Friday 7 August 2015

I find it amusing how you humans segregate yourselves based off pigmentation levels or geographic points of origin. Do you not know you are all the same species? I know it is complicated for you humans to have more than one thing in your brain at one time but do try to focus on this for but a moment. Why would you isolate another group because they look different from you simply because they look different from you? All being the same species why do you not define yourselves this way. When asked you could say I am a human being or simply I am a human.

While there have been many human species, you who are reading this are Homo sapiens. Not some, not a few, all of you. Yes, that means YOU. By whatever color you may currently define yourself you are in fact all humans and part of the same species. We Felus-catus have many with different color fur and many different patterns, yet we would never consider calling another member of our species another "race" or think they are part of a different species. One of the many boons that come with being enlightened is an understanding of one's self and the others that surround you or share the same planetary system with you.

Perhaps if you changed the definition, similar to our enlightened way, of what race might currently mean, to mean instead the entire human race. Rather than breaking yourselves off into small subsets of the same species, you would begin to feel a kinship with the other members of your species. Why do not you try an experiment and when asked what race you are, try saying you are part of the human race. If asked about heritage then of course you can go into the never-ending list of places from which your family originated.

A Martian
A Martian

Consider this: What if Mars had another species completely independent of humans and looked completely different from humans. For lack of a better definition, I will call them Martians and you Earthlings. Would you be at war with them? YES, you would. It would only be a matter of time. Simply because of the way you classify yourselves, Earthlings and Martians. The You vs. Them mentality. You create a difference between you in your mind and that difference causes fear. What you see as different you fear. This goes back to the time when you lived in trees. Things that were different from you might kill and eat you, so being afraid and suspicious of things different from you was a good thing. This has carried over through today and what you see as different you fear. Since you fear it, you hate it or attempt to isolate it from you, be it your own species or Martians. When you start to realize that your fears are controlling you, you can begin to override them with common sense. The truth behind this scenario is that you are not different, even from Martians, because fundamentally when you break all species down to their smallest parts, all come from the same stuff. Even species that live on the other side of the known universe would be made from the same stuff, although, highly unlikely they would be carbon based, as you are, but still from the same base bits.

Dancing Cat
Happily Self-Aware

Therefore, if you wish to begin your path to enlightenment why not start with a first step, a small step, but nonetheless a step. Begin by understanding your and what you are - not necessarily in some great depth of understanding, but simply starting some broad strokes. Realize you are all part of the same species and no matter how many imaginary lines you draw on a map, you are all the same. When you understand this truth you will begin to have a miraculous thing happen, you will gain a different perspective on all things and quite possible gain empathy for others. Sadly, most of you humans lack empathy for anyone, even members of your own litter. You cannot achieve enlightenment without understanding empathy. In any case stop for a moment and try to understand the perspective that all things are the same and not that different from you. This is not meaning to be a political viewpoint - because it is not - it is the truth. The truth does not have a "side".

If I mentioned a few humans that have had a different perspective, you might start to understand how perspective plays a part. Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, and Stephen Hawking. I am sure you have heard of them before. Why? Because fundamentally they have a different perspective on things. One small change in your perspective can open many doors that might otherwise always remain closed to you.

Perhaps someday your species or at least a few among you can achieve enlightenment, or at least a different perspective.

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